[Hanya Versi Bahasa Inggris] Read About Martial Arts

I will try to review this book according what i get on this book. Honestly, i’m so speechless after i read this book. The Book of Five Rings give me some comprehension about this life. Congrats to Miyamoto Musashi cause you wrote this book. And big thanks to the translator: Willian Scott Wilson.
For your information, i read this book in Indonesian Edition. Actually, this language on Indonesian Edition is too formal. But, no doubt! What ever about the language, the important of the book is in the matery.

There are five chapter on this book: Chapter Earth, Chapter Water, Chapter Fire, Chapter Wind, and Chapter Void. In the Chapter Earth, i’m so interested with comparing the martial arts by carpenter. There are so many similarities about martial arts and carpenter. Just the equipment or the tools are different.

In the Capter Water, i said this book is very excited! Miyamoto expained to me about the rules and the attitude about martial arts. From how to hold the blade, use the eye in martial arts, until five position to kill your enemy.

Enter to the Chapter Fire, i’m so interested with the problem about place. Not only that, i’m also interested with take the 3 initiative. Fact, what Miyamoto said about that is true on 3 initiative. Like this: initiative to attack is when I attack the enemy.

Chapter Wind said about how to use the blade with many way and style. At the last, in the Chapter Void said about the absence of everything that has the form and the inability to have knowledge about something.

Hmm, i think that’s all. Sorry for my mistake about the grammar. Finally, i give four of five star to this book!

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Author: Miyamoto Musashi
Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Translator: William Scott Wilson
Translator to Bahasa Indonesia: Juni Prakoso
Ilustration of Contents: Ryan Pradana
Illustration of Cover: Agus Purwanta
ISBN Number: 978 979 22 3046 8

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  1. interested, maybe i should read that book. If you say true, i think i love read in english version

    1. Yes, you should! By the way, in Indonesia there so rare to find the english version